What is Noteo?

Noteo originally came into being after I was searching for a non-gnome dependent system-tray battery monitor (my laptop kept turning off without warning) and found nothing to speak of. After coding my own battery monitor, I realised that my code could be used for other tasks, so I seperated out the code so that noteo would be the framework and to provide functionality, noteo 'modules' would be written.

What modules are available?

See the wiki

What's the difference between input and output modules?

Code wise there is little difference - they both inherit from the same parent class, and modules could in fact be both input and output modules. Input modules create notifications, report on things, give noteo input. Noteo then uses any output module to display the output. For example the Popup module is an output module which comes bundled with noteo which displays notifications as transparent popups.

Can I write my own modules?

Yes please. Modules are written in python and created by inheriting from one of noteo's classes. The best way to learn how, would be to take a look at some of the existing modules. noteo-mpd might be one of the best modules to look at, as it remains quite simple whilst using most of the features noteo provides.